Crossing of America National Tour

The Crossing of America raises awareness and support for America’s Real Heroes: our Armed Forces, Veterans and their Families. The Tour begins aboard the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego Harbor and concludes on the deck of the USS Intrepid in New York Harbor. Two official Spirit of Liberty Jeeps™ are driven nearly 20,000 miles through 44 States and the District of Columbia during the 105-day trip and generates over $40 million of local and National media coverage.

Various figures in government, entertainment, sports and media personalities participate in The Tour. During our most recent trip, thirty-nine Governors and Presidents including former President George H.W. Bush personally participated in the Crossing of America Tour. As well as over 1,500 Fallen Hero Families and 3,000 Wounded Warriors and their families. Others who participate and have previously participated in the Tour include Medal of Honor recipients, actors like Harrison Ford, professional athlete Sugar Ray Leonard, and numerous celebrities.

Operation Christmas Miracle – The Believe in Santa Tour 

This trip brings Santa Claus and the Spirit of Christmas to our heroes serving in Combat and those who are wounded for programs and ceremonies. The Spirit of Liberty Foundation’s Santa wears a custom America’s Santa suit designed with official Army camouflage. He visits military hospitals and bases worldwide, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, military bases in Europe and even Guantanamo Bay.

The Foundation’s Santa began his first visit to Kuwait and Iraq tour during the holiday season at the invitation of the former Commanding General in Iraq, Gen. David Perkins. America’s Santa personally brings  personally signed greeting cards from governors and members of Congress as tokens of appreciation for the troops. These include gifts donated by over 70 U.S. Senators including Senators Harry Reid and John McCain, and leading professional athletes and leagues from Drew Brees and Kobe Bryant and others from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, and the PGA.


American Warrior Brands


American Warrior Brands™ is a consumer products company founded to provide meaningful jobs and income for members of our Armed Forces who have been wounded in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. American Warrior Brands’™ mission is to fill the majority of our company’s positions — from clerical to management — with wounded veterans who have the skills for, or can be trained to perform the positions required by, our company.

A team of American Heroes and wounded in combat veterans, “The First Team,” has been created to be spokespeople, brand ambassadors, and marketers for American Warrior Brands™. This team consists of service members wounded in combat who are now living across the Nation, and who work with the media to visually present and embody the mission of the company.

The first products introduced include four premium sauces proudly made in the USA and use only the best all-natural ingredients—Tangy BBQ, Sweet & Smokey BBQ, Teriyaki Sauce, and a Steak Sauce. American Warrior Brands’™ sauces are America’s Best, just like our Armed Forces—none better! Shortly, we will introduce four gourmet Hot Sauces. Additional food products are also in development. For more information on American Warrior Brands™, and how to order products or become involved, please visit www.americanwarriorbrands.comOpens in a new window.

AWB Gourmet Set