National Flag Day and Birthday of the United States Army – 2016

National Flag Day and Birthday of the United States Army – 2016

On June 14th 2016, The Spirit of Liberty Foundation’s Freedom Bell celebrated the American flag and the United States Army’s 241st birthday at the historic Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Flag Day.

The American flag is the symbol of our Nation, our liberties, and our freedom. As such, this makes Flag Day one of the most important and patriotic holidays in our Nation.

We honor this day to celebrate the men and women who risk their lives and to remember those who lost their lives to uphold American Liberties and freedom.

Each year the Ceremony takes place in Philadelphia, which is considered the birthplace of America, and it begins with the symbolic raising of the American flag at the National Constitution Center, where the Flag Day parade begins.

American’s Freedom Bell was again the centerpiece of Ceremony, in the place of honor in front of Independence Hall. Tens of thousands of Americans rang the bell throughout the day and were ably assisted by the Boy Scouts of America.

This includes high-profile leaders, dignitaries, and Army officers, of which was a 4-star General.

The climax of the ceremony was the spectacular Spirit of Liberty Foundation’s Fastrax Professional Skydive Team, who descended upon the Hall with our 40ft American flags. 

Independence National Historical Park, the Spirit of Liberty Foundation, and additional organizations know that this is an event that resonates with millions of Americans, as it honors the birth of our Nation’s flag and the first branch of our Armed Forces.

Help make a difference in our Armed Forces in the past, present, and future, by making a donation to our great mission.

God Bless America and Our Armed Forces and ring America’s Freedom Bell!

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